We’ve just entered the third year of this pandemic, and we’ve had a decent amount of time to adjust to what is being called “the new normal”. However, for school students who have lost many months of steady learning opportunities in the classroom, things have been far from normal. So, how can you prepare your children to make sure they have the best start to 2022?

Now is the perfect time to consider booking your child in for tutoring lessons as the school year commences. Tutoring can help students catch up on and develop knowledge, study and learning skills that will help them throughout their school careers, and well into tertiary education, and beyond. 


Some students may have missed something in the classroom, which as we well know, with online learning, was not hard to do. This may create gaps in their knowledge that may not easily be picked up, but can compound over time as they progress through school.

For other students, there may not have been enough opportunities to challenge or advance their learning, and further develop their abilities. Tutoring identifies and helps with any issues in a student’s education, and maximises their potential to make great gains in their education. 


As a student’s understanding of the content improves, so does their confidence in their ability to learn. So, as a student feels enjoyment in learning, they are likely to enjoy the process of learning itself.

When this occurs, academic performance improves and kicks off a positive, upward trend where a student’s understanding increases their confidence, which grows their love of learning, and advances their academic performance. These students are engaged, optimistic, diligent and motivated individuals, forming great habits that carry them well into adulthood. 


Successful students have great teachers in common. Teachers reshape the way a student perceives their education to establish a lifelong love of learning. I had an excellent Maths teacher in high school, Mr. Sender, who maintained a standard of teaching I remember to this day. He was methodical, explaining thoroughly and checking our understanding, answered our questions and linked topics to the real world.

Mr. Sender was also an excellent role model and had strong work ethic, had high expectations of his students and treated us all as unique individuals. My experience in his classroom helped me to enjoy the process of learning, and so my understanding and marks in my other subjects improved too.

The positive teacher-student dynamic is something that we pride ourselves on at Rockdale Coaching College, as we aim to instil the enjoyment of learning within each student. I believe that as tutors, the relationship we build with our students is fundamental to their academic success and development as young adults. We aim to give our students an interesting, productive and dynamic experience, in a positive study environment, towards achieving their goals.

Until next time, Robert

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