To Study Or Not To Study? That Is The Question!

High School Studying

The HSC Trials can be counted as mere weeks away. For most of your subjects, the Trials are the last exam for which you can hopefully improve your assessment rankings. This will inadvertently affect the mark that contributes towards the calculation of your ATAR. With this is mind, now is the most critical time to be studying and preparing for the Trials. In our observation of students over the last 25 years, those who were better prepared for the Trials performed remarkably better in their ATARs than those who were not.

How to study for your HSC Trials this holiday

1. Prepare a study timetable. Cover all the subjects evenly. You should be aiming for about 9 hours of study a day. Break them up into three-hour blocks separated by one-hour rest breaks. By the end of the week, there should be at least 24 hours. Do this for both weeks.

2. Prepare a study timetable for the exam period. What and how will you study for those days between your Trials exam? Plan it! Don’t waste that time.

3. Commit to it and Study! Wake up and follow your timetable. Commit to it and if you have trouble following it, share it with someone who will hold you accountable to it. Put it up on the fridge and let everyone know what you’re doing and when.

How to study during the HSC Trials exam period

You really should only be revising your notes the night before the exam. There’s no point burning the midnight oil and making yourself too tired for the next day. If you have days in between, follow the three-hour blocks and keeping working towards all your subjects.

Practice! Revise! Survive!

After the Trials exams

Once you have sat your last Trials exam, it’s time to de-stress and relax. Give yourself at least a week, if possible two weeks, off before you look at revising for the HSC exams. Ideally, 6 – 7 weeks should be sufficient for HSC revision. These last weeks are also the time of year to enjoy the formalities of the remainder of your high school days. The bulk of your study should have been long done before.

In conclusion

It’s all about the Trials. Everything else needs to come in second place. Remember thirteen years of your academic life has accumulated to these final weeks.

In essence, if you’re not putting in the maximum effort into your Trial studies, you are not studying for your HSC.

After these exams, you’ll have plenty of time to ease off and enjoy your final school year festivities. If you need help creating your study timetable or need study help, feel free to contact your tutors. We’re here to answer your questions – even out of the classroom. We wish you all the best Year 12, and good luck!

What homework and study should kids be doing in the holidays?


Source: Anthony Crider, Flickr

Should kids be doing any extra homework and study during the school holidays? The quick and fast answer is ‘generally not’. The focus here is on the ‘extra’ part. There shouldn’t be anything more than what is assigned and what is due. However, we know there are many parents out there who don’t want to lose that momentum of what has been gained in the term just past. What homework should we look at?

Holiday homework for primary school students

  • Have fun!
  • Make sure you keep up your usual reading routines. Ideally primary school students should be reading a minimum (20) twenty minutes a night.
  • Complete any projects that are coming up. Finish off any homework you have – school and tutoring. You should be spending about an hour a week – max!
  • Play mental games and keep it fun. Have a look at the suggestions below.

Mental games & challenges

  • Perfect for long or short drives anywhere, test them on their mental maths. Ask them their timestables. Ask them number problems.
  • Get them involved in the shopping. Ask them about price differences, multiple purchases, discounts etc. Get them thinking about maths in everyday usage.
  • Do word finds and crosswords together
  • Play board games like Scrabble and Scattegories to keep that vocabulary building engaged
  • If your kids enjoy playing on the PC or tablet, get them involved in Mathletics or games like those found on Top Marks.

Holiday homework for Year 7-11

  • Chill out. Relax while you still can.
  • Make sure you get ahead of any assignments that are due. Get the research done.
  • Finish your homework! If you get this done early on in your holidays, you can rest assured you won’t be trying to squeeze everything the Sunday night before school returns.

Holiday homework for Year 12

  • Catch up! This is your chance to catch up on your study notes. You should be up-to-date with the syllabus “dot points” by the end of the holidays for each subject.
  • Write those draft essays!
  • Finish reading and watching your upcoming prescribed and supplementary texts for English.
  • Get all subject homework done early.
  • Either get a head start on assessments – especially those that require planning and research. Finish as many of your assessments before the last weekend of the holiday. You want to be able to get everything done and enjoy some last few days off.

The holidays are a good time to relax and reset for the new term. Take that breather but don’t lose that steam! Have a great break, everyone! Rob & Jen