About Us

Rockdale Coaching College was established in 1991. In its creation, our tutors aimed to create a space where students feel welcome to come by whenever our doors are open – even if it is simply to ask a question or to collectively study with their fellow classmates. We encourage students to come by; ask for advice regarding all things study and school.

The motto ‘a plus in a student’s education’ stands just as strong now as when it was first adopted at the centre’s establishment. We believe that tutoring can be exactly what they need to gain that edge ahead. The ‘plus’ is that added confidence and support they will gain from Rockdale Coaching College.

Our tutors at Rockdale Coaching College adopt a relaxed, yet structured style of teaching. Students and parents feel comfortable enough to email and text us outside of class hours. For more information about how the classes work or anything else, feel free to contact us.

Who are the tutors at RCC?

Mathematics Tutors

Robert Naumoski B. Maths & Finance Hons.

Jennyfer Nguyen B. Commerce/ B. Arts (Comms & Media) Hons.

English Tutors

Stefanie Krieg B. Secondary Education/ B. Arts

Jennyfer Nguyen B. Commerce/ B. Arts (Comms & Media) Hons.

Science Tutor

Dr. Doaa George (Chemistry & Physics) PhD Chemistry

Japanese Tutor

Takako Toyoka (Japanese) B. Education

Are Rockdale Coaching College tutors accredited?

Yes. Rockdale Coaching College is a fully accredited member of the Australian Tutoring Association. Click the images below to view our profile.

Accredited Tutor

Take a look inside our classrooms! See us in action in the Gallery. To learn more about our classes and to see the class schedule, please visit the Classes page.